SWEEEET 2019: Symposium for Women Entering Ecology, Evolution and Entomology Today

Intersectionality: What is it and how can it inform our workplace and research practices?

This year we aim to engage participants around issues of intersectionality, helping them to understand the many ways in which discrimination compounds to impact people in ecology, evolution, and beyond. It is our goal to not only help participants understand intersectional issues, but also leave them with actionable items that will act as tools to help them create more inclusive and equitable workspaces. To do this, our workshop will include: talks from individuals with experience leading the way in making academia more intersectional, a small group break-out session to give individuals tangible ways to make space for and listen to diverse perspectives and a networking event to facilitate further discussion.

This year we are re-branding from SWEEET (Symposium for Women Entering Ecology and Evolution Today) to SWEEEET in acknowledgement of this year’s joint meeting with the Entomological Society of Canada and the Acadian Entomological Society.

No. of Participants: unlimited! Everyone attending CSEE, ESC & AES 2019 is encouraged to participate in this years SWEEEET.

Sunday afternoon, 1pm - 5pm (including snack break)

Cost: free (sponsored workshop) – but please register.

A. “Regular” Workshops

Reproducible research and data tidying in R

This workshop will centre on R tools for reproducibility in science and data analysis, including the Tidyverse. This workshop is organized and presented by the Canadian Institute for Ecology and Evolution; the workshop leader is Easton White. Bring your laptops with R and R studio installed.

No. of Participants: Minimum (10) & Maximum (40)

Sunday 9 am – 5 pm (snack but not lunch included; lunch break scheduled to visit local restaurants)

Cost: $45

Leveraging Creative Storytelling for Communicating Your Science

This workshop will cover best tips and practices for communicating your science and using storytelling tactics to create engaging hooks. Through several group exercises, participants will have the chance to put these tips into practice and refine their communication skills with the help of their peers and workshop organizers.

No. of Participants: Minimum (15) & Maximum (25)

Sunday Morning, 9 am – 1 pm; includes snack break)

Cost: $18

Introduction to geospatial data analysis in R

This workshop presents an overview of the main R packages for processing, analyzing and mapping georeferenced data (including the sf, raster and mapview packages). We will see how to perform in R typical operations of geographic information systems (GIS), and how these functions are integrated with R’s general data analysis framework. Bring your laptops with R and R studio installed.

No. of Participants: Minimum (6) & Maximum (24)

Sunday morning, 9 am – 1 pm (includes snack break)

Cost: $18

Agent based Models and the mathematical equations that describe them

The aim of this workshop is to clarify the relationship between some types of Agent Based Models (ABMs) and familiar equations from mathematical ecology. This is a hands-on workshop where participants will run and analyze computer code. Such mathematical approximations to ABMs are valuable because: (1) they reduce computational time to facilitate a more thorough model investigation; (2) eliminate some complexity from the model description to yield clearer results; and (3) reveal parallels with the existing mathematical ecology literature. Bring your laptops with R, R studio, and NetLogo installed. No prerequisite knowledge of coding or mathematics will be assumed. The workshop resources will be hosted on Github and, in addition to the computer code, an annotated bibliography additional resources will be provided.

No. of Participants: Minimum (5) & Maximum (40)

Monday lunch (includes bagged lunch)

Cost: $15

Alternative careers with a graduate degree

This workshop will highlight the similarities and differences in governmentally-, academically-, privately-driven research careers. Participants will conduct informal SWOT analysis, sharing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as seen through the eyes of individual researchers with different backgrounds. Workshop leaders will discuss future outlooks for each of these streams of careers for young scientists, and highlight alternatives to traditional academic, government, and private sector careers and how these fields are changing.

No. of Participants: Minimum (10) & Maximum (25)

Monday evening, following the public plenary (venue TBA)

Cost: $5 (refreshments for purchase at workshop venue)

Selecting and submitting to a scientific journal

This interactive workshop is designed to introduce early career researchers to the process of publishing in journals. It will cover aspects such as how to select the right journal for your work, what happens during the review process, and what policies they need to be aware of. Presenter: Helen Eaton, Royal Society of London.

No. of Participants: Minimum (5) & Maximum (30)

Tuesday lunch (lunch included, thanks to sponsorship by the Royal Society of London)

Cost: $5

B. NSERC Workshops (Check back for scheduling TBA!)

NSERC mock grant review

This workshop will demonstrate the process by which an NSERC review panel considers proposals for funding. It will be led by a current member of the Ecology/Evolution panel 1503, with participation by Brenda MacMurray, Program Officer.

No. of Participants: open


Cost: free, no need to register

NSERC scholarships/fellowships

This workshop will explain processes and expectations for NSERC scholarship and fellowship applications. It will be led by an NSERC staff member.

No. of Participants: open


Cost: free, no need to register

NSERC Discovery Grant Results and News

This session will provide updates on NSERC’s Discovery Grant program, with results, news, and a chance for discussion. It will be led by Brenda MacMurray, Program Officer.

No. of Participants: open


Cost: free, no need to register

C. Art Workshops

Daily entomologically-themed art workshops will be offered on-site by Open Your Art. Open Your Art provides transformational art experiences that engage the creative right brain. Participants, which can include both adult meeting registrants and children, will learn a new skill as they dive into the art medium of the day. Each workshop runs 9:30 – 10:30 am, but participants are encouraged and welcome to remain in the art room after their workshops or to return later during open hours.

Embroidery & Stuffy Making

No. of Participants: open

Monday 9:30 – 10:30 am

Cost: free, no registration required!

Bookbinding for documenting bugs

No. of Participants: open

Tuesday 9:30 – 10:30 am

Cost: free, no registration required!

Sculpting Bugs

No. of Participants: open

Wednesday 9:30 – 10:30 am

Cost: free, no registration required!