CSEE eligibility & abstract pre-screening


The Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution will be offering five society student awards (three for talks, two for posters) at the 2019 Evo-Eco-Ento meeting in Fredericton. Submissions to the 2019 CSEE society awards competition must meet these criteria:

Application to CSEE student awards is open until the close of early-bird registration on June 5 2019.

Abstract evaluation

The CSEE student awards subcommittee anticipates a large number of award applicants. We are therefore implementing a pre-screen of applications based on submitted abstracts (200 words). Through this pre-screen, a maximum of 50 talks and 50 posters will be selected for judging at the conference.

Abstracts will be evaluated by at least two judges each, and average scores will be calculated. The following criteria will be applied to abstract evaluation:

Prior to the conference date, applicants will be informed whether their submission has been selected for further judging. Authors of selected talks/posters will be provided additional information about judging criteria, however, all applicants should be aware that the selected talks and posters will be judged in part based on the completeness of the work. Students who do not anticipate having analyzed results on time for presentation at the conference are encouraged to delay application to student awards to future conference years. It is not necessary that the project on whole be completed, but some results must be shown to be competitive for an award. Talks and posters selected for judging at the conference will be evaluated by at least two judges each.