Field Trips

All field trips are tentatively planned and require a minimum number of participants. Some field trips may be cancelled at the early bird registration deadline if the minimum number of participants has not been reached.

All field trips are on Thursday, August 22.

Signing up for field trips is part of the registration process.

Whale watching and Saint Andrews

Full day trip, depart at 830am return at 6pm

Saint Andrews By-the-Sea is a beautiful historic city, one of the oldest in the maritimes, located a short 2 hour drive from Fredericton. Late August is the perfect time to go whale watching as Minke, Fin, Right, and Humpback Whales frequent the area so we have organized a whale watching trip for half the day. You can spend the other half of the day visiting the historic Algonquin Inn (Most Haunted Inn in Canada), the Huntsman Marine Centre, walk to Ministers Island, swim at Katy’s Cove in a white sand lagoon, or enjoy the many art galleries and shops. There are many local restaurants to try for lunch.

Cost $85 per person and includes return travel from Saint Andrews and whale watching (but not lunch).


Fredericton Arts Tour

Full day trip, depart hotel at 830am

Fredericton has a lively arts and culture scene. Spend the day on a walking tour of Art galleries in Fredericton area. The trip begins with a tour of the New Brunswick Literature Garden at the Fredericton Botanic Garden, led by Steve Heard and with a poetry reading (fortunately, not by Steve Heard). It includes stops at the three local galleries, a guided tour of the Beaverbrook art gallery and ends with a stop at a local store where many local artists have items for sale. We will stop for lunch at a local restaurant.


0900-1000: Botanic and literature garden
1000-1200: Charlotte Street Arts Centre/Charlotte Glencross Gallery/Penny Gallery
1200-1300: Lunch at local restaurant
1300-1400: Gallery 78
1400-1600: Guided tour of Beaverbrook Art Gallery
1600: End at Botanicals

Cost $25 person (lunch not included).


Hopewell Rocks and Swim With the Salmon

Full day, depart 8am return 6pm

Visit the Bay of Fundy to walk on the ocean floor at The Hopewell Rocks. The Hopewell Rocks boasts the highest tides in the world, twice a day! While in the Fundy Region, researchers from MAES (Mactaquac Aquatic Ecosystem Study) will guide a swim with Atlantic Salmon. This fieldtrip includes transportation and lunch from Fredericton’s Happy Baker.

Cost is $50 per person and includes transportation, lunch, and entrance fees.


Hopewell Rocks
Photo Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0, Maciej

New Brunswick Museum and Sea Bird Watching

Full day, depart 830am, return 6pm

Enjoy some time in Canada’s oldest incorporated city by touring the New Brunswick Museum’s Collection Centre in Saint John, led by Dr. Don McAlpine (Chair of the Natural Sciences Department). Explore Saint John’s uptown for lunch, followed a chance to see some of the east coast’s shorebirds with a guided hike in the Irving Nature Park. Lunch can be purchased at a local restaurant or at the uptown market (They make a delicious Babimbap).

Cost is $35 per person and includes travel to and from Saint John and entrance to the museum (lunch not included).


Fredericton Craft Brewery Tour

Afternoon, starting at 1200 and ending at 1900

Fredericton is becoming well known as a hub for craft beer, so why not join us to try Fredericton’s diverse selection of breweries and cideries. Start the day off with lunch at Mama’s Brew Pub, followed by sampling at York County Cider, Trailway Brewing, Graystone Brewing and finish with dinner at Gahan Riverside Brewing. Transportation is included to and from each brewery. This trip is restricted to those 19 and older, please enjoy responsibly.

Cost: $15 per person and includes transportation to and from all breweries. Fees for drinks and meals not included in the price, expect to spend $10 for a flight or pint at each brewery, $15 for lunch, and $25 for dinner.


Waterfall Hike

Afternoon (1230 – 1630)

There are several lovely waterfalls in the Fredericton area that can be accessed by short hikes; this trip will take you to view 3 of them.

Lower Joslin falls is roadside, however the descent to the falls requires climbing down a ravine and may be strenuous for some hikers. Small children will need adult assistance to get down to the falls.

Split Rock falls is a magnificent waterfall carved from bedrock. The hike to this waterfall is approximately 20-30 minutes. The majority of the hike is quite easy, but the descent to the falls at the end of the hike can be somewhat strenuous.

Hays falls is the farthest from Fredericton and will be the last set of falls on our excursion. It is the highest and easily the most magnificent of the falls we will see. The hike is approximately 30 minutes but is along a well groomed trail and should be an easy hike for most people of average fitness.

Cost: $15 per person and includes transportation and a guide.

Lower Joslin Falls
Photo Credit: Jen Anderson

Insect and Botany Tours

Half day for each, Botany in the Morning (830 – 1130) and Insects in the afternoon (1230 – 1600)

Spend a half day enjoying a guided hike and tour to satisfy your local botany or entomology interests, or spend the entire day enjoying both. In the morning we have organized a guided hike with a local botanist, and in the afternoon we have organized a hike and tour (with opportunity to collect) with a local entomologist. Both these tours will be organized with input from the participants to look for particular species of interest. If you plan on spending the whole day, we will stop for lunch at the Happy Baker.

Cost: $12 per person for the morning or afternoon and $20 for both which includes transportation (but not lunch).