Children's Program

Option 1: Join us at the on-site craft corner!

All ages [Free, M-W]

Monday through Wednesday at the Fredericton Convention Centre: Join us at our on-site craft corner hosted by Open Your Art! This is also a great place to relax (with or without kids) during the conference. You can also arrange to drop off your child at the craft corner for (much of) the day – for this option, registration and payment are required.

Option 2: Space for parents and infants

For infants < 1 year old [Free, M-W]

Bringing your infant to the meeting? We have a private room booked at the Hilton just across the indoor pedway from the Fredericton Convention Center. This private space is suitable for parents feeding and changing young children or as a lactation space for nursing mothers.

Option 3: Riverside Montessori Learning Centre

For children 3-5 years old. [M-W, 8-4, $200 for 3 days]

Children will have a fun-filled week at the enriching and engaging environment at the Riverside Montessori Learning Centre. Lunch and snacks will be provided.

Option 4: Open Your Art

For children 5-8 years old. [M-W, 8-4, $200 for 3 days]

Children will have fun creating unique art projects while exploring their creative side at Open Your Art’s Charlotte Street studio ( or find them on Instagram or Facebook). Lunch and snacks will be provided. Please note: this facility has an accessible entrance and would be pleased to cater this experience for exceptional children.

Option 5: Drop-off at on-site craft corner

For children 9 and up. [M-W, 9 – 3:30, $45/day or $120 for 3 days]

Join us at the Fredericton Convention Centre for an entomological art experience that engages the creative right brain! For a preview of what to expect check out Open Your Art’s flyer. Lunch and snacks will be provided.

Please stay tuned for our announcements (posted outside the craft corner and on Twitter @CSEE_Meetings) as we plan on doing other fun workshops and activities during the week such as visiting a local park and a world-class art museum.

Are you looking for additional or different options to meet your needs? We’d be happy to help! Please write to us: <>