Submit your workshop proposal!

We invite submissions of proposals for workshops for the 2019 CSEE/ESC/AES – EcoEvoEnto Joint Annual Meeting (August 18-21, 2019). These sessions are intended to convey specific knowledge or skills. Workshops are more interactive and informal than formal paper sessions, and they can involve extended discussion as well as hands-on training. Workshops may involve one or several organizers, presenters, panelists. A workshop proposal that makes clear which knowledge, skills, tools, or insights participants might expect to gain from the session are especially sought.

Workshop proposals are due February 15th, 2019. Proposals should be submitted by e-mail to They will be reviewed by the Program Committee on the basis of the criteria listed below, with final decisions made by March 15th, 2019.

Components of a workshop proposal:

Scheduling requests

Workshops will not be scheduled concurrently to scientific sessions (oral or poster presentations). They will be scheduled on Sunday or over lunch breaks.

Please be aware that in order to minimize topic overlap, the organizers may be encouraged to contact other potential organizers.

If you would like to discuss a workshop idea before submitting a proposal, please contact the program committee at